Over the next several blog posts I will be sharing my perspective on the city I was born and raised in and am now making my life here with my wife and 4 kids after having been away for 10 years. 

Part 1:  Miami in many ways is a city like any other.  It’s full of people like you and me just trying to figure out who we are and what we’re doing.  But, don’t get confused.  Miami is also very much a different kind of city then any other place in the world.  Here we are set inside the borders of the 'good ole' USA and yet it doesn’t feel like it’s part of the Great Nation we call America.  It feels much more like that of a city in the Caribbean or Latin America.  (If you’ve never traveled to the Caribbean or Latin America then you might not understand what I mean.)
Miami is also a city of contradictions.  A quick glance and it would seem like everyone in this city is well off financially.  When I say “well off” I mean, driving a $40k car and living in a pimped out house kind of wealthy.  But the truth is the average income here is less then $70k a year and that is barely enough to pay a decent rent, along with your normal bills and pay back your school loans.  
The religious vibe here is cold.  However, people are very spiritual and open to spiritual conversations and most Latinos around here, that I know,  are done with the commitment to organized religion, regular church attendance, tithing, and all that good stuff.  Surprisingly though they are very open to Jesus, the Bible, and prayer…as long as they can still have sex, do drugs, party on the weekend and tell an occasional lie or two, but just the white lies.  

(To Be Continued...)

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